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Passion International University For Sciences, Arts And Development is an Moroccan certified open university . it has founded it in Alfirdaws center- Morocco- St.Aljamiaa Arabia- ZKT Intissar No.13

Our research

changing the world for the better. Through global partnerships and using our state-of-the-art facilities, our researchers are addressing some of today's biggest challenges.

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Our mission

to be an inspiring and innovative University of international renown. Through awards, we are gaining recognition for our outstanding work towards achieving this vision.

Our Teachers

General Structure of PIUSAD

It consists of the President of the University and nine of the world’s leading educational, training and administrative leaderships, as shown in the following chart:

The University Board of Trustees.

Third: College Deans: for 17 faculties:

A model for structuring some faculties:

  • Fourth: Teaching Staff.

    More than 200 professors and doctoral specialists, in 17 Faculties , around the world, from different languages and cultures.

    Fifth: Deanship of Registration and Student Affairs.

    Sixth: Deanship of Graduate Studies.

    The two Deanships are led by Dr. Maysa Fadel (Vice President for Student Affairs and Higher Studies)

    Seventh: Executive management . DR.MOHAMED SOULOUMA