Official Papers and Cooperation Agreements

16/5/2020: Development Management Consultancy and Marketing Services
20/5/2020: Multaqana for Jordanian Pioneers
14/6/2020: Mr.MOHAMMAD SHAKOUR ALGHNASH (Mehmet Güneş) as a teacher – English language Department and Turkish language
14/6/2020: DR.KASSEM MOHAMMAD AL NAJEM as a member of the teaching
staff- Central Faculty of ISLAMIC STUDIES. Job title: Co-professor,
Department of jurisprudence
14/6/2020: Dr.khereallah Jamil Ahmad Sbeih as a teacher – Department of
Mathematics in English– The faculty of EDUCATION. Job title: Assistant
20/6/2020: DR. MOHAMED HASSAN: Assistant Professor At The faculty of Business Administration and Human Resources
– EGYPT branch

7/7/2020: Dr. Duha Bakri Ali Brram – Director Of the Project of teaching the holy qur”an

24/8/2020: International Future Leaders Group
24/8/2020: The American-Canadian Board for Professional Training 
24/8/2020: Development Center for Management Consulting and Marketing Services
27/8/2020: DR.ALI ABDELKARIM MOHAMED ALMANASSEER as a member of teaching staff- Central Faculty of ISLAMIC STUDIES . 
27/8/2020: DR.MOHAMMAD FAWZI ABDELKARIM ANTAR as a member of teaching staff- Central Faculty of ISLAMIC STUDIES . 
9/9/2020: Toyama Islamic Center – Dr. Mazen Slim
11/9/2020: Egyptian International Rectation School for Qur’an and Qera’at – Mr Hisham Ezzat

21/9/2020: Accrediation Certificate and Practicing Licence

9/11/2020: “Modern Elite Akademi” is an exclusive agent in Turkey

11/11/2020: Resignation of Dr. Manal Belqasi

25/11/2020: SIR.DR.KHALED ADNAN AHMED AL-SMADI as an official agent in SUDAN, Inside and outside, except for countries that have an exclusive agents

25/11/2020: Miss,ZAHIRA EL ADAMI as an Executive Management Secretary of the region of Africa andthe Middle East

Official Letter No 1.27112020 – From Rector to Mauritius
Official Letter No 2.27112020 – From Rector to Tonga

Receipt of a financial claim in the name of: Fatima Abdul Rahim Muhammad Al Khoury – UAE – dated 7 – 12 – 2020

Prof Dr.Zainal Arifin Ghufron Sulaiman – Member of teaching Staff
Dr.Noora Ami Helmi Ali – Member of teaching Staff
Prof Dr.Banban Widyatomo HM – Former President Association Of Private Universities in Indonisia
Dr. Abdunnaser ustafa Melood Kheer – Dean O islamic Studies On English – UK Branch
Dr.Mahfouz Ali Muhammed Al-Moafa – Head Of the Planning Departement at the Faculties

12/01/2021: Resignation of Dr. Omar Habis

20/02/2021: Dr.SAMI ABDELFATTAH SAMI ALKILANY – Member of teaching Staff – Department – Central Faculty of ISLAMIC STUDIES